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Bemac Printing, is committed to providing you with the highest levels of customer service. This includes protecting your privacy.

The aim of, Bemac Printing Privacy Policy is to give you comfort that the personal information you provide to Bemac Printing will be kept in the strictest confidence.

This Privacy Policy governs the information we collect about you and your use of information we provide. The policy will disclose what personal information is collected, how it will be used, with whom the information will be shared, the choices available to consumers on collection, safeguards on protection of data and how it can be updated or corrected.

This privacy policy does not apply to parties that may be linked or associated with our website. Those website owners that are responsible for the privacy or the information they collect and should be contacted directly for details of their privacy policies.

We recommend you keep this information for future reference.

Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000

In December 2000, the Commonwealth Government of Australia enacted a further privacy legislation, to commence on the 21st December 2001. This privacy legislation was drafted in order to amend the Privacy Act 1988 (implementing the National Privacy Principles) and to include provisions that regulate the way private sector organisations collect, use, disclose, keep secure and provide access to personal information.

What Is Personal Information?

The Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) defines personal information as information or an opinion about an individual whose identity is apparent or can reasonably be ascertained. It includes your name, age and contact details as well as your financial and health information.

SPS is bound to protect your personal information in accordance with the National Privacy Principles to the extent required by the Privacy Act 1988.

Collection Of Personal Information

The types of information we keep on record will depend on the product or service requested by you.

How Do We Collect Information?

We collect and store information about you when you:

  • directly when you provide information by phone or in documents such as application forms;
  • from publicly available source of information;
  • complete any online application of other type of form;
  • provide us with your email address; or
  • access and use any of our online services
What Information Do We Hold?

In general, Bemac Printing keeps a record of one or more of the following types of information:

  • information that identifies you, such as your name and address and other information provided by you;
  • if you participate or transact in any online service, all details are recorded and stored;

We also collect statistical data from all visiting traffic through our website. This data includes information regarding:

  • the number of visitors;
  • the time and duration of your visit;
  • the information requested during your visit;
  • your browser type;
  • your operating system type;
  • advertisements click throughs (i.e. if you clicked on an one of our online advertisements); or
  • the site you came from and exited to

All statistical information is used on aggregate to provide Bemac Printing with general information about our users and to help promote and better our understanding of the way you use and interact with our online services.

Do You Use Cookies To Store Online Information?

A “cookie” is a data collection device used on the web where small pieces of information are stored on the client.

Choice And Consent
What Are Your Rights?

There is no legal obligation for you to provide us with any personal information. However, without that information, we may not be able to process your application, fulfil your request or provide you with an appropriate level of service.

Do I Have To Provide Consent?

The main purpose of Bemac Printing collecting your personal information is to provide, maintain and inform you of our products and services. The terms of our services are detailed in the agreements acknowledged uponany transaction with Bemac Printing. With any online transactions, by accepting our User Agreement and Privacy Policy, you explicitly consent to the way we use your personal information.

If at any stage you do not wish to receive further information from Bemac Printing regarding our products and/or services, you can contact us by email at

Personal Information Security

We take all reasonable steps to protect your personal information from misuse, loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

We have physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect your information which is held by us. All online information is stored in electronic database requiring appropriate user authentication for access and is physically stored in secured data-houses located in the United States. All access to information stored electronically is restricted to Bemac Printing staff whose job purpose requires access.

Our security measures include, but are not limited to:

  • restricting access to our computer systems and physical records to authorised persons and preventing users from accessing information they have no need to access;
  • requiring employees to use unique passwords to gain access to systems; these passwords are changed regularly;
  • data encryption with all online transactions;
  • data servers are protected by firewalls and virus scanning tools;
Are My Online Transactions Secured?

We provide the maximum level of security when you use our online products and services. All sensitive transactions involving personal information are encrypted using the highest level of encryption (i.e. 128-Bit Encryption using Versign Certificates) meaning you can be assured your information is safe and secure during transit. However, “perfect security” does not exist online.

When Do You Destroy My Information?

We take all reasonable steps to destroy your information in an effective, secure way when it is no longer required by the business. Usually, we keep records for at least five years.

Personal Information Integrity

We try to ensure that all information we hold about you that we collect, use or disclose is complete, accurate and up to date. We strongly recommend that you:

  • let us know if there are the information we hold is not accurate, complete or up to date;
  • keep us up to date with changes to the information we hold

We ask that you inform us within a reasonable period, by email at if you require your information to be updated.

Our Disclosure Of Your Information

As a matter of policy, we do not sell any information about you to any third parties. We also do not believe in spamming people with unwanted information. We never disclose any health information without your written consent.

Usually we must get your consent before we tell anyone about you, your accounts or credit information. You can give us your consent expressly or it may be implied by your conduct.

The primary purpose of any personal information recorded is to provide you with a better product and/or service.

External Service Providers

We may disclose your personal information to our external service providers (that may be located overseas) that provide services to us. This is on a confidential basis.

Legal Requests

Bemac Printing may lawfully disclose your information is required to do so for law enforcement or regulatory purposes. For example, we may need to give your account information to the court if we are ordered to do so under a subpoena.

Access To Personal Information

You can request access to your personal information at any time. We will process your requests within a reasonable time, usually 14 days for a straightforward request. More time may be needed, depending on the nature of the request.

There is no fee for requesting access to your personal information from Bemac Printing; however we may charge you the reasonable cost of process your request.